8 day trip Cuba.

A tour with a local driver / guide.

During this day-long Cuba tour you will discover authentic Cuba. From the first day you are in direct contact with the Cuban people and you experience the daily life of the Cubans up close. You stay with the Cubans in casas particulares. Bed & Breakfast as we call it in English.

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The journey takes you through the east of Cuba with its beautiful nature. The part where Columbus first landed in the new world. This part of Cuba is barely discovered by tourists, so it is still untouched and authentic. Together with your local guide you will visit cities such as Baracoa, Mayari and Holguin. And what about Fidel Castro’s birth house in Biran. Next to the hail white beaches of Guardalavaca, you will also visit Santiago de Cuba where you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife or the delightful stroll through streets where time seems to have stood still. And of course there are also the vintage cars that dominate the street scene.

We are a small-scale and therefore flexible travel organization. We can almost always respond to your personal wishes and input. This is possible in advance or on the road in consultation with the guide who is also your driver. That is why we speak of a global travel program that can be adapted to your wishes and interests.

Global travel program.

Day 1. Arrival

Flight from Amsterdam Schiphol, arrival at Frank Pais International Airport in Holguín. Experience this same city the same day. For example, visit Luma de la Cruz or experience the nightlife with el Cabaret Nocturno.

casa particular loma de la cruz cuba



Day 2. Guardalavaca.

Here you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will also experience the countryside. The guide takes you to a Cuban family where you will be introduced to authentic Cuban cuisine complete with pork on a spit. (70km)

 8 day trip Cuba.



Day 3. Mayari.

From here you can visit the special nature park Cayo Saetia or go to Biran where you can visit the birth house of Fidel Castro. (130km)

Day 4. Baracoa.

Here Columbus first set foot in Bahaia del Miel. Let the beautiful nature affect you. Visit the Museo Municipal or Museo Arqueológico Cuevas del Paraíso. Visit the famous bar “La Trova”. (169km)

 8 day trip Cuba.


Day 5. Guantanamao.

In this city are the cathedrals Santa Catalina de Riccien Palacio Salcines from the time of the Spanish rule and visit Zoologico de Piedra. (112km)

Day 6. Santiago de Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba is without a doubt the city of music. Bars and clubs can be found on every corner of the street. If you like culture more, it is certainly thanks to you. Admire beautiful cathedrals and pay a visit to Castillo del Morro San Pedro de la Roca where the city is closed every evening around sunset by d.m.v. cannon shots. (159km)

Day 7.Holguín.

Just a visit to this city on the last day. Visiting cigar factories shop in the cozy city center looking for souvenirs. (110km)

Day 8. Return flight Holguin – Amsterdam

We offer you this Eight day Cuba tour from € 1,249 per person

(based on 2 people)

Incl. car rental, overnigt stay’s casas particulares and local guide / driver.

Excl. flight, tips and personal expenses.

  • Travel time: 8 days / 7 nights (extension possible)
  • If you want to make this trip with a group / group please contact us.
  • We offer the possibility to make this journey without guidance by a regular guide / driver. For this you can contact us.

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