Casa Castillo Camaguey

EUR 25
Type: Casa


4.5/5 - (2 stemmen)



Casa Castillo

Owner:                        Alfredo del Castillo Carnot

City:                             Camagüey

Breakfast:                   Yes

Lunch / dinner:         Yes

Number of rooms:     2

Television:                  No

Balcony / terrace:     Yes

Air conditioning:       Yes

Lockers:                      Yes

Internet:                     No

Parking place:           Yes

Languages:                Spanish, French, Italian

Price per night:         25EUR high season / 20EUR low season

Reservation costs:   € 8,50

Telephone:                Yes

Bathroom:                 Yes

Refrigerator:             Yes

Details: Casa Castillo. We offer a taxi and clothing washing service. Various languages ​​are spoken in our casa particular. Like Spanish and French and Italian. So we can address many guests in their own language. In addition to breakfast, also serve lunch and dinner. That means you don’t have to leave our house. And you will completely relax.

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4.5/5 - (2 stemmen)


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