Casa Guantanamera Havana Centro

EUR 36
Type: Casa


4.1/5 - (16 stemmen)




Casa Guantanamera

Owner:                            Yony and Pieter

City:                                 Havana

Breakfast:                       Yes, by appointment

Lunch / dinner:             Yes, by appointment

Number of rooms:        2, both with a double bed

Television:                      Yes

Balcony / terrace          Patio

Air conditioning:          Yes

Lockers:                         Yes

Internet:                        Yes

Parking place:              Yes

Languages:                   Spanish, English, Dutch, German

Price per night:           Depending on length of stay and season, from 36EURO

Reservation fee:         € 8,50

Telephone:                  Yes

Bathroom:                   Yes

Refrigerator:               Yes


Casa particular Guantanamera is a Spanish colonial home (1890) in Centro Habana. Calle Gervasio. Was restored in 2015 while retaining the authentic elements. You have contact with the street through the opening doors at the front. And with the atmosphere of the lively working-class area of ​​Centro Habana. Hawkers with vegetables, bread etc. pass you by. Music, especially salsa is everywhere. You see, especially in calle Salud, professions that we no longer know.

Casa Guantananamera is pre-eminently the location for people who want to experience the Caribbean atmosphere. Hear and dance salsa. Enjoy the Cuban cuisine (criollo). Want to ride through the streets of Havana with a bicycle taxi, coco taxi or the classic American carro. All your senses are stimulated here. Taste, smell, listen, watch and above all enjoy, without moderation! Is a casa with Cuban / Dutch owners and wants payment in advance!

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4.1/5 - (16 stemmen)


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