Casa Kary y Humberto Havana Vieja

40 USD
Type: Casa




Casa Kary y Humberto

Owner:                     Humberto Santos .Y Caridad Fernández

City:                          Havana

Address:                   Refugio108 entre Prado y Morro

Breakfast:                Yes

Lunch / dinner:      Yes

Number of rooms:  2

Television:                Yes

Balcony / terrace     Yes

Air conditioning:     Yes

Lockers:                    Yes

Internet:                   No

Parking place:         No

Languages:              Spanish, English, Italian

Price per night:       40CUC

Reservation fee:      € 8,50

Telephone:               Yes

Bathroom:                Yes

Refrigerator:            Yes

Specialties: Casa Kary y Humberto. Our casa particular is located in Old Havana. Prado is a 5-minute walk away. And 110 meters from the Bella Arte Museum. La Cabana where every night the city is closed with a cannon shot is within walking distance. The Malecon is also around the corner from our casa particular. So that you can stroll along the sea in the evening. In addition to Spanish, we also speak English and Italian. This makes it easy to communicate with us. Spend the night in the heart of Havana.


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