Casa Koloniaal Havana Centro

Type: Casa


Casa Koloniaal

Owner:                      Fons (Sonia and Pepe are your hosts in Havana)

City:                           Havana

Address:                    Crespo 66, La Habana centro

Breakfast:                  Yes. By appointment. (3USD per person)

Dinner:                      Yes. By appointment. Traditional Cuban food. (10 USD per person)

Number of rooms:  1 (private)

Television:               No. However, a Bluetooth speaker.

Balcony Terrace:    Under construction

Air conditioning:   Yes (Split) silently.

Locker:                     No (You can deposit your documents.)

Internet:                  Yes

Parking:                  Yes. (on the other side for a fee)

Languages:             Spanish and some English.

Price:                       € 25 (prepayment)

Phone:                     Yes

Bathroom:              Yes. (hot and cold water)

Refrigerator.          Yes.

Details:                Casa Koloniaal is a family house in colonial style. 100 meters from Malecon and Prado. 10 minute walk to hop on / hop off. Bus to the beach or tour of Havana. Several excellent restaurants close by. Due to its location close to the sea, there is always a supply of fresh air. It can sometimes be a problem in Havana that there is no water. The room has a private water tank. So there is always water. Bicycle rental: Can be arranged in advance. The bicycles are then ready for you. Furthermore, Sonia (hostess) or Pepe (host) is always available to assist you.

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