Casa Lola Varadero

Type: Casa Deluxe


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Casa Lola

Owner:                        Lola

City:                             Varadero

Address:                     Avenida 1 ra

Breakfast:                  Yes (incl.)

Lunch / dinner:        On request

Number of rooms:   2

Television:                 Yes

Balcony / terrace:    Yes

Air conditioning:     Yes

Lockers:                    No

Internet:                   No

Parking:                    Yes

Languages:              Spanish, English

Price per night:      € 65 (prepayment)

Reservation costs:  None

Phone:                     Yes

Bathroom:              Yes

Fridge:                    Yes

Details:                   Casa Lola is located less than 50 meters from the beach. Comfortable rooms. With a peculiar decoration, very colorful and tasteful. Close to the center of Varadero with its bars, restaurants and other interesting places.

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5/5 - (1 stemmen)
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