Discover the real Cuban life in Cafetal


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Discover the real Cuban life in Cafetal

Discover the real Cuban life in Cafetal. In the Escambreay Mountains in the heart of Cuba. Between Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

The tour starts at the Nancy farm. A Belgian lady who has been living in Cuba for years. On a typical Cuban farm where they grow their own vegetables. And also pigs and rabbits breeds.

Recently Nancy and her Cuban husband provide tourists with the opportunity to take a one-day excursion away from the tourist circuit. You go swimming in a lagoon and then have lunch at their home. But what makes the experience unique is the direct introduction to the Cuban way of life in el campo. The tourists who come here are usually very enthusiastic.

The excursion includes a Cuban meal, welcome drink, local rum and wine, soft drinks, water and coffee.

They live in the center of the coffee plantations of Cuba. Hence the name of the village of 300 inhabitants, Cafetal. It is 1 hour on foot to the laguna. You can stay there as long as you want. On request they can also make caldosa on site for € 5 per person extra instead of at our home. Usually there is no one else in the laguna and certainly no tourists.

The excursion can also be done on horseback for up to 4 people. Extra costs € 15 per person.

Cafetal is approximately 15 km from the main road between Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Mountain inwards and 5 km past La Sierrita which is the name of the largest village indicated on the signpost of the Carretera del Sur. In the middle between Cienfuegos (at 40 km) and Trinidad (at 45 km).

The ideal formula for people who do not have their own transport is to make our excursion en route to Trinidad or vice versa. We pick up the people at their casa in Cienfuegos with a beautiful old Chevrolet (see photo) and in the evening they drop you off at the casa in Trinidad.

The transport costs € 60 for up to 5 people.

Start time: 9 a.m.

Duration: approx. 6 hours

Min. number of people: 2

Max number of people: 10

Guide: included. (Dutch, English, Spanish and French)

Price: 32,50 per person

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5/5 - (1 stemmen)