Hostal Ernesto y Grisel Cárdenas

EUR 60
Type:Casa Deluxe


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Hostal Ernesto y Grisel

Owner:                    Ernesto y Grisel

City:                         Cárdenas

Breakfast:               Yes

Lunch / dinner:     Yes

Number of rooms: 3

Television:             Yes

Balcony / terrace: Yes

Air conditioning: Yes

Lockers:                 Yes

Internet:                Yes

Parking:                 Yes

Languages:            Spanish, English

Price per night:    60EUR

Reservation fee:  € 8,50

Phone:                   Yes

Bathroom:            Yes

Fridge:                   Yes

Details:                  Hostal Ernesto y Grisel is a casa particular with every comfort in a 100% Cuban atmosphere. Accompanied by the affection and humility that characterize a city full of passion. Cárdenas, a magical, peaceful and hospitable city where you can travel in horse-drawn carriages, play dominoes, dance to the Cuban rhythm and enjoy the mysteries and religions. Besides the virgin coasts that form the eponymous bay after which the peninsula is named.

From Varadero just 10 km from our city, there you can enjoy beaches with very white sand and an intense emerald sea that is almost unique in the world. We are located 150 km from Havana, our capital. From our beautiful city you can visit different places in a very short time, for this we provide you with the means of transport and all the necessary information under the guidance of our staff.

We are sure that you will experience unforgettable moments and you will experience the real Cuban reality. Experience Cuba as Cuba is.

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5/5 - (1 stemmen)