Hotel Labranda Cayo Santa Maria

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Hotel Labranda

How could you possibly feel more on a Caribbean island if you are already on one? Easy, by staying in a small lush island off the coast of a bigger tropical island. Labranda Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba offers you this unique experience with all the perks of a world class resort. This is a place where sea air wafts from the hotel’s exclusive beach to your room, where you can take a daily dip in an immense lagoon shaped pool and where you can order a fresh lobster dinner. As a guest in Labranda Cayo Santa Maria, you will have access to several eating establishments designed to overpower all of your culinary desires, whether you are looking for a savory Cuban dish at the Resort’s Caribeño Restaurant or a more cosmopolitan dining experience at the Steak House. The collection of in-house entertainment offered by Hotel Labranda also aims to please every age group and includes offerings from a nightclub to a play area for children.


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5/5 - (1 stemmen)


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