Las Terrazas Comunity, Nature & History


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Las Terrazas Comunity, Nature & History

Welcom at Rancho Curujey, where you will be provided with a brief explanation of the Las Terrazas project while enjoying a refreshing welcome cocktail. Visit to the coffee plantation Buenavista, a nineteenth-century coffee plantation fostered by French immigrants on top of a hill. Visit to the Moka hotel. Tour of the La Terrazas Community and contact with the villagers in the Callejón de la Moka, as well as enjoying a good Creole coffee at Café de Maria. Lunch in one of the restaurants of the Complex. Descent to the San Juan River, natural spa of extroardinary beauty, with natural pools of crystal clear waters. Free time for bath (bring your swimwear).

For this excursion you need a car. Clients without carrental have to book a taxi. 

  • Start time: 09:30
  • Approximate time: 6 hours
  • Minimum persons: 2
  • Maximum persons: 50
  • Lunch included
  • Guide included
  • Price € 50,- 

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5/5 - (1 stemmen)
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