Villa Señora Celorio Viñales

EUR 25
Type: Casa


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Villa Señora Celorio

Owner:                         Rubén Cabeza Breto

City:                              Viñalez

Address:                      Calle Adelaide Azcuy sur # 82 Barrio La Aguadita

Breakfast:                    Yes

Lunch / dinner:         Yes

Number of rooms:     2

Television:                  No

Balcony / terrace:     Yes

Air conditioning:      Yes

Lockers:                      No

Internet:                     Yes

Parking place:           Yes

Languages:                Spanish

Price per night:        25CUC

Reservation costs:   € 8,50

Telephone:                Yes

Bathroom:                 Yes

Refrigerator:             Yes

Details: Villa Señora Celorio is located in Viñales, a municipality of Pinar del Rio. The westernmost province of Cuba. This casa particular is known for its beautiful views of the mogotes (typical mountain formations of the area) In a very quiet area surrounded by natural charms. It has two heated rooms, very comfortable and a capacity for 6 adults. Layout: hall-bedroom, bathroom with shower in the bedroom (cold and hot water all day) and go outside through a beautiful garden. In addition to our accommodation, we offer services that are booked from home, such as: massage, taxi, walking, horse riding, beach visits, cycling, all accompanied by specialized guides who speak several languages.

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5/5 - (1 stemmen)


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