Which facilities can casas particulares offer?

Which facilities can casas particulares offer?

This depends on the casa you choose. Many casas, especially outside the tourist areas, are very modest and do not have all the amenities.

The minimum that you can expect are clean sheets, towels and toilet paper.
Chances are that your room has air conditioning or at least a fan. It is useful to check it in advance as the nights in Cuba can be very hot, especially in July and August.

The rooms usually have a shelf or cupboard to store your clothes. A bedside table with a lamp is also usually available. Some casas have a safe, TV and a fridge in the room.

Almost all rooms have their own bathroom, although sometimes the bathroom is shared with other tourists (but not with the host family).

I advise you to ask in advance if the facilities that are important to you are present.

Keep in mind that for casas that are not on the ground floor, the suitcases must be carried up and down. There are no lifts in the casas in Cuba.

Which facilities can casas particulares offer?