Why is Cuban coffee different?

Why is Cuban coffee different?When there is talk about Cuba “the pearl of the Caribbean” it often has the 4 most important products. Rum, tobacco, sugar and … Cuban coffee.

In addition to the countless sights that the island houses. Such as beautiful landscapes, historical and cultural sights. His coffee plantations are one of the most visited locations on the island of Cuba.

Cuban coffee and its history
Coffee is one of the most socializing non-alcoholic drinks in many countries. It should be noted that there are almost as many ways to prepare this drink as to consumers. The coffee tree is said to have its origins in distant Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), in East Africa.

Some historians claim that coffee ended up in Cuba via the Spaniards. In the first settlements between 1492 and 1530. The Cuban climate turned out to be extremely suitable for growing the coffee bean.

The colador in a coffee filter made of cloth. The water together with the sugar is boiled in a jug. Which is then poured into the colador filled with ground coffee.

Italian cafeteras brought a revolution in the world.

For example, coffee was made in Cuba for years. Later, the invention of the Italian cafetera in 1933 brought a revolution in the world. These new “coffee makers” were a success. Everyone wanted them!

Waarom is Cubaanse koffie anders?

The Cuban is no exception. So these cafeteras were also introduced on the island. And still used today.

The cafetera is the only thing in the kitchen that the Cuban never cleans up. It is always on the stove. Waiting for a visitor to arrive. Whether it is late in the evening or during dawn. It is always ready for use. When the gurgling sound is heard, everyone is suddenly in the kitchen. Waiting for his cup of coffee

The Cuban coffee that is made at home has no foam like espresso. The taste is much stronger than our coffee and, moreover, it contains no milk. It is not a cappuccino. Sugar is not added when it is served. Because it has already been added during the setting. It is for all these reasons that Cuban coffee is so different. So special. The taste has a bit of everything. But cannot be compared with any other coffee.

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Why is Cuban coffee different?Waarom is Cubaanse koffie anders?