Las Terrazas Climbing El Taburete Tour

Las Terrazas Climbing El Taburete Tour Ascent by a wooded road in the mountain El Taburete. Until reaching 452 meters of altitude. The highest point of the route. At the top there is a monument dedicated to Che Guevara. And from this point you can see the southern plain of Artemisa Province up to the Gulf […]

Excursies Havana

Excursions Havana

Excursions Havana In collaboration with HavanaTours.eu we can now also offer a large range of excursions in Havana. All under the guidance of a Dutch and Englishlanguage guide. Click on the images to make a reservation. Or click on this link.    

Workshop koken Cojimar - Havana

Workshop cooking Cojimar – Havana

    Workshop cooking Cojimar – Havana What is a better way to experience Cuban cuisine than to learn how to cook a traditional Cuban dish and eat it yourself afterwards. You start with a visit to a local herb grower, where you can learn more about the growing process of hand-selected herbs that you […]

comandancia la plata

Comandancia la Plata

  Comandancia la Plata Visit the old camps of Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra where they have planned the revolution against Batista. You visit the old camps, after a walk through the beautiful nature, where you can still see the old attributes of the rebels. The excursion starts from the hotel Villa Santo Domingo, where […]



Caldosa  Caldosa is a typical Cuban dish made with root vegetables, meat, herbs. And a wide variety of vegetables. In the writings dating from the war of independence, references to the “sancocho” are usually read. With which the mambisas troops were fed. The ajiaco mentioned in the campaign diaries of the general, of Dominican origin, […]

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