Cuba update after COVID-19

Cuba update after COVID-19

Cuba update after COVID-19

We have an update regarding Cuba after COVID-19, which will hopefully clarify the situation and what is being asked of you as a traveler.

Havana opened its international airport to all tourism on November 15th. Now that we have a clearer picture of the procedures, we will inform you further.

Sanitary control procedure in Cuba – for times of COVID-19.
Security and safety in the tourism industry is very important to Cuba and is thus part of the National Security Plan. Cuba has established a sanitary control procedure based on directions from the World Health Organization, the World Tourism Organization and the local Ministry of Health for all sanitary hygiene measures from the arrival to the departure of travelers in Cuba.

Upon arrival in Cuba:

PCR test. It is not necessary to show a test upon arrival in Cuba, but we recommend that every traveler test before departure to make sure you are not traveling sick with COVID-19.
Insurance. Having health insurance in Cuba is already mandatory, in case of illness the insurance company must cover all costs. Now with COVID-19, it’s even more important to make sure your insurance company covers all costs related to COVID-19. From insulation to testing to care to transport to housing.

Before disembarking, the Cuban health authorities, together with the crew, will consult the information on the health status of the travelers.
If a health incident is reported or discovered by Cuban health authorities, the disembarkation process will not be allowed until a physician has assessed the situation and made the decision to disembark.
If no health incidents have been reported, disembarkation for travelers and baggage will start.

Travelers will have to fill in the health declaration. This form must be provided to the health authorities upon request. The traveler is deemed to receive this from the airline.

Face mask and 1.5m distance are mandatory at Cuba airport.

Travelers will be instructed to use the airport disinfection stations after exiting the aircraft.
Digital thermometers record the body temperature of all travelers.
Epidemiological surveillance will take place through the observation of specialists looking for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in travelers.

Travelers are interviewed about their health status and origin.

If a traveler has a fever or any sign or symptoms, they will be transferred to a temporary isolation room, where Cuban health authorities will conduct investigations and decide whether to continue or to remain in isolation.
All travelers will undergo a PCR test.

Travelers who refuse to take the PCR test will be refused entry to Cuba.
During the stay in Cuba
The PCR test result is available after 24 hours, the traveler is at the address stated on the health certificate.
The traveler must wait in the accommodation until the test results are available and the test is negative.

There are two possible outcomes; negative and positive
In the event of a negative test result, the traveler has no restrictions on where they can go and what they can do. Except in the case of transport, where the use of a mask is mandatory.
Use of disinfectant is mandatory in all facilities such as restaurants, museums, hotels, etc. Also disinfecting all luggage in hotels.
Body temperature is measured digitally at various facilities at the entrance in, for example, museums.
Avoid greeting with physical contact.

Respect and compliance with the distance measures according to the facilities.

The traveler must always follow the hygienic sanitary instructions of the guide or the staff accompanying him during his stay. Or from other Cuban health authorities in the country.
All hotels have a health team consisting of a general practitioner, an epidemiology and a nurse specialist to ensure detection and immediate action against suspected positive cases.
If the test result is positive, the symptomatic traveler will be transferred to a care unit, a hospital / clinic, equipped with qualified personnel and equipment to ensure a speedy recovery.
If the test result is positive, asymptomatic travelers will be assessed by a doctor and after they have to go into isolation in hotels specially designed for the isolation of asymptomatic but infected travelers.
Infected travelers remain in the care unit or hotel until they have tested negative.
The contacts of these persons (for example family or groups traveling together) must be all enclosed in isolation in the hotels. Even if it is negative and no symptoms. After 5 days, these contacts undergo a second PCR test to see if they have not contracted the virus. If they are still negative, they can continue their journey.

All tours and excursions can be offered and conducted, except in the provinces that are currently closed (Sanct Spiritus, Pinar del Rio, Ciego de Avila).
Hotels and casa particulares may be offered to travelers, except in those provinces that are currently closed.
All entrances to Cuba – airports, cruise terminals, marinas – will follow the same strict sanitary control procedure to ensure a safe stay for all visitors.

When leaving the country:

Passenger temperatures are monitored by digital thermometers at the entrance doors to the terminals.
Travelers with a body temperature above normal are taken separately and have a “rest” of 5 minutes to avoid the influence of the sun and ambient temperatures.
The passenger’s temperature is measured again, if it remains high, the passenger will not be able to board and must pass a PCR test with negative result before departure.
Face masks are mandatory at the airport.


Travelers must bring their own sanitary products such as face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, assumed by them for their own safety,
Travelers should bring enough face masks to avoid re-using the same mask throughout the trip.
Travelers should avoid physical contact
Travelers should exercise social distance
Travelers must always follow ALL rules to avoid any risk of contamination with COVID-19.
Upon arrival, travelers can purchase local health insurance that will cover all COVID-19 related costs.


Although we have compiled this text with great care, rules and measures are subject to change at any time without prior notice to us. If changes are known to us, we will of course inform you as soon as possible via a new update.
We cannot be held liable for (financial) damage / claims arising from the above information and possible changes in the future.

Going to Cuba is still on your own responsibility during the pandamic and post pandamic period.

Other information
Although Cuba is now open to tourism, there are still some restrictions due to COVID-19.

Not all hotels are open, far from actually
Casa particulares are also open
Viazul is currently not active yet
Rental cars are not all available (mostly Cubacar and Viacar)
Sancti Spiritus (Trinidad), Pinar del Rio (Viñales) and Ciego de Avila are still closed
Cash is no longer accepted everywhere (rental car – deposit, petrol stations), so a credit card is required.

Cuba update after COVID-19, 11/25/2020

Cuba update after COVID-19

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