Five things to know before traveling to Cuba

Five things to know before traveling to Cuba

Five things to know before traveling to Cuba

The uncertainty is over, if there are no last minute changes, Havana airport will open on November 15 and it will be easier to travel to Cuba.

Although the rest of the island’s air terminals with international flights were already operational, the opening of the main Cuban airport would mean the actual reopening of the Cuban borders as this facility concentrates the greatest number of operations with Latin America, the Caribbean . , North America, Europe and Asia.

However, it is no secret to anyone that the epidemiological situation on the island, as in other countries, is hanging by a thread, which is why the Cuban government speaks of a ‘new normal’, to refer to those exceptional circumstances that the airport services and tourism, as in the rest of the sectors.

So there are several aspects to be aware of before traveling to Cuba after November 15:

Sanitary checks

Although the government decided to open the Cuban borders after 7 months of closure since October last year, it was essentially an economic decision, due to the tense financial situation in the country.

It is no doubt a dangerous gamble to let the Cuban economy float so that it will try at all costs to prevent the importation of new positive coronavirus cases and the resulting spread of the disease.

Therefore, a rigorous border control has been arranged which includes temperature measurement and PCR testing, as well as short isolation periods for those entering the country.

Initially it was said that the Cuban government would not charge for PCR tests, but in recent hours it has been decided to enact “the collection of a health fee” with the aim of covering the costs of the protocols implemented. .

Likewise, it has been found that travelers arriving in the country have to wait in isolation (in a hotel or house) for the results of the exams and until five days after arrival. During this time they cannot participate in large family gatherings, or organize parties or birthdays.

The passengers who test positive for Covid-19 will be isolated according to the procedures established for those cases, or hospitalized, depending on their health condition.

Family members can no longer wait at Cuban airports like they used to. Only a small number of personnel are allowed in the portals and surroundings of the air terminal, as in the parking lots in terms of the number of vehicles.

Baggage Provisions

To reduce the amount of time spent at airports and to facilitate customs controls, a group of strict compliance rules has been issued with regard to baggage.

In essence, and regardless of what each airline determines, those traveling to the island are only allowed to enter the national territory of two suitcases of 32 kg each, and one hand baggage not exceeding 10 kg.

Anything that exceeds this limit will be returned to the airport of origin by the airline in which it traveled within a maximum period of 30 days. If the return is not made during that period, the cargo will be considered abandoned and the general customs of the republic will impose it.

Possibility of sudden border closure
As is logical given the unstable health situation on a global scale, a new closure of borders or of a specific Cuban territory or province cannot be completely ruled out.

Travelers arriving in Cuba should be aware of this reality as they can perfectly have a previously reserved return date and, under certain circumstances, may not be able to return to their place of residence on board the aircraft.

Socio-economic situation

Currently, the country is in a tense socio-economic situation mainly characterized by the general shortage of basic necessities such as food, personal hygiene products, medicines, etc.

Travelers who decide to fly to Cuba should take this situation into account and have essential items with them, or those they need in a specific situation and cannot find in Cuban shops and pharmacies.

In strict compliance with what is regulated by customs, travelers are advised to bring food that is allowed (coffee, preserves, cereals, pasta, etc.), inadequate toiletries (soap, detergent, shampoo, creams, deodorants, etc.) .).) and anything you think he or his family might need for an even longer stay than originally planned, due to the possibility of a possible closure as explained above.

Monetary Unification

In the coming week Cuba could also undergo a comprehensive financial reform, the most visible face of which would be the abolition of the Cuban convertible peso (CUC). It is more than advisable not to exchange foreign currency for this type of currency, but for the Cuban Peso (CUP), as the latter will remain in the country as legal tender.

It would be very helpful to keep up to date with the latest news being generated from the island on this matter, as although the precise moment of the so-called “zero day” has not yet been reported, it has been said day will be announced to other. One of the most likely outcomes of this measure is a short-term inflationary effect, with the cost increase of the vast majority of goods and services offered in the country today.

We know you’ve been waiting for many months to reunite with your family and friends, so the opening of Cuban airports is excellent news for you and your loved ones waiting for you. It is our wish that you can travel to the island and meet them without the slightest inconvenience and so we invite you to pay attention to each of these aspects that we have told you about.

note: translated with Googletranslate.

Five things to know before traveling to Cuba

Five things to know before traveling to Cuba

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