Cuba per camper

Cuba by motorhome

Cuba by motorhome Did you know that you can also travel Cuba by luxury motorhome? Our comfortable motorhomes (6-person cmotorhome, Fiat Ducato 3000 CC MJ) with a capacity of up to 6 people, are equipped…
comandancia la plata

Comandancia la Plata

  Comandancia la Plata Visit the old camps of Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra where they have planned the revolution against Batista. You visit the old camps, after a walk through the beautiful nature, where…


Caldosa  Caldosa is a typical Cuban dish made with root vegetables, meat, herbs. And a wide variety of vegetables. In the writings dating from the war of independence, references to the "sancocho" are usually read.…
Casa Itaca Casa Particular

Hostal Itaca

Hostal Itaca Cuba is a treasure trove of many things that have been preserved from the past. Storage has been crucial to cope with economic decline. This makes Cuba a true paradise for antique enthusiasts.…


Triptipedia For our English-speaking customers, casa-particular.nl is now also represented on Triptipedia. With a wide range of tips to prepare for your trip to and through Cuba. Looke here for our page at Triptipedia.
Salto del Guayabo

Salto del Guayabo.

Salto del Guayabo. Salto del Guayabo is the main attraction of the La Mensura National Park. It is located in the municipality of Mayarí, province of Holguín. It is one of the highest national parks…

Loma de la Cruz

Loma de la Cruz If you have any energy left after visiting the center of Holguin, then definitely visit Loma de la Cruz. A hill with a cross where many believers light a candle. Located…