Our team

Ons team

Our team

Jos Goedkoop

Owner and founder.
After his many trips to Cuba, he decided to set up casa-particular.nl in 2013. He often searched
on the internet for the possibility to reserve a casa particular. However, there was no website too
with a good, simple and fast / secure reservation service. Booking cost a lot
time and he also encountered problems arriving in Cuba because casas were rented to others

The casa owners were not satisfied either. They complained about a lack of good ones
infrastructure and organization.

There appeared to be a need for a good website in which their company was optimally promoted
they a reliable and fast settlement of reservations.


Jos Goedkoop decided in 2013 to jump into “the gap”. He saw a challenge here and thought it was
had to be better. So he built a network of high-quality casas. He also stomped one
professional and reliable team in Cuba, which casa-particular.nl could
represent. The project quickly got off the ground with dedication and perseverance.
The result is impressive and casa-particular.nl has a network of more than 500 casas
particulares throughout Cuba. This network is constantly being improved and expanded so that you
can be of optimum service to customers.

In 2019 Casa-particular.nl is a permanent player in tourist Cuba, with years of experience and a
big network. You can rely on casa-particular. You have certainty that your travel wishes are met
Cuba can be realized quickly and carefully. Casa-particular.nl has been a reliable company all these years
partner, with a high service level. The reviews make that clear.

Elizabeth (Elly)Lores Avila
Operational manager.

Elly is the advanced post of casa-particular.nl in Cuba. She arranges the daily
work for casa-particular.nl in Cuba. Elly makes agreements with casa owners and
organizes your transport. She knows the people, is accurate and can improvise well
any problems quickly come to a solution.

Ramon Lores Avila

Driver and guide

Ramon is the regular driver of casa-particular.nl. He enthusiastically takes care of the pickup at the
Ramon is nice and punctual and has a safe and reliable taxi. Because of its knowledge of Cuba it is good to use casa-particular.nl as a local guide. He brings you safely everywhere.

This team is ready for you every day to let you as a customer enjoy a perfect one
vacation in Cuba. Your journey starts at www.casa-particular.nl