Terms and conditions casa-particular.nl

Article 1: Promotion and offer 1. The data on the Website do not bind Casa-particular.nl, insofar as they do not fall under Article 2 2. Casa-particular.nl may be forced to temporarily or permanently delete a certain offer.

Article 2: Information to the traveler Casa-particular.nl is required:

to provide the traveler with all the information necessary for proper preparation for the trip: general information regarding passports and visas and healthcare formalities;
provide travelers with the following information in writing at the latest 10 calendar days before the departure date: a) timetables and stops and connections; b) contact details of the local representation of Casa-particular.nl, which can assist the traveler in case of questions or problems on the spot (provided this service is included in the journey).

Article 3: Information from the traveler. The traveler must provide Casa-particular.nl with all useful information that is explicitly requested. If the traveler provides incorrect information and this leads to extra costs for Casa-particular.nl, those costs may be charged.

Article 4: Formation of the contract

After booking the agreed trip, Casa-particular.nl will confirm the booking request to the customer by email.
The booking becomes binding the moment the traveler receives the booking confirmation / invoice by email from Casa-particular.nl.
If the content of the booking confirmation differs substantially from that of the travel request or the confirmation without giving a reason does not occur within 14 days after receipt of the reservation request, the traveler may assume that the trip was not booked and the traveler is entitled to the immediate reimbursement of all amounts already paid.

Article 5: Price of the trip

The price stated in the booking confirmation / invoice can be revised up or down up to 6 weeks prior to the departure date, insofar as the revision is the result of a change in: a) the exchange rates applied to the trip and / or b) the transportation costs, including the fuel costs and / or c) the charges and taxes due for certain services. If the increase exceeds 5% of the total price, the traveler can cancel the contract without compensation. In this case, the traveler is entitled to an immediate refund of all amounts he has paid to Casa-particular.nl. The price revision is applied proportionally to the part of the journey that is subject to the revision.

Article 6: Payment of the travel sum 1. The reservation costs for the casa particular must be paid within 14 days. The reservation is only final when the money is in the account of www.casa-particular.nl. As long as the reservation is not paid, www.casa-particular.nl reserves the right to reserve the casa for others. If a reservation is canceled, no reservation costs will be refunded.

If a reservation for a casa has been confirmed and you want to change it, we will charge you € 8.50 per casa again.

If you cancel your reservation, the reservation costs must still be paid.

Outstanding claims will be immediately transferred to the collection agency.

Article 7: Transferability of the booking

The booked trip is not transferable.

Article 8: Other changes by the traveler. If the traveler requests a different change, casa-particular.nl may charge all costs that are caused thereby.

Article 9: Change by casa-particular.nl before departure 1. If, before the start of the trip, one of the essential points of the contract cannot be performed, casa-particular.nl must inform the traveler as soon as possible, and in any case prior to departure, to inform thereof and to inform him of the possibility of breaking the contract without costs, unless he accepts the change proposed by Casa-particular.nl. 2. The traveler must inform Casa-particular.nl of his decision as soon as possible, and in any case before departure. 3. If the traveler accepts the change, a price offer must be sent in which the changes made and their influence on the price are communicated. 4. If the traveler does not accept the change, he may request the application of article

Article 10: Cancellation by casa-particular.nl before departure 1. If casa-particular.nl breaks the contract before the start of the trip due to a circumstance that cannot be attributed to the traveler, the traveler has the choice between: 1 ) or the acceptance of a new offer of a trip of equal or better quality, without having to pay a supplement: if the trip offered for replacement is of a lesser quality, casa-particular.nl must be the difference in price repay as soon as possible. 2) or the repayment, as soon as possible, of all amounts paid by him under the contract. 2. The traveler may also, where appropriate, claim compensation for non-performance of the contract, unless: a) Casa-particular.nl cancels the trip because the minimum number of travelers provided for in the contract and necessary for the execution of the trip was not achieved and the traveler was informed of this in writing within the period stipulated in the contract and at least 15 calendar days before the departure date; b) the cancellation is the result of force majeure, which does not include overbooking. Force majeure is understood to mean abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that are independent of the will of those who invoke it and the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions.

Article 11: Total or partial non-execution of the trip 1. If during the trip it appears that a significant part of the services to which the contract relates cannot be performed, Casa-particular.nl takes all necessary measures to ensure that the traveler offering appropriate and free alternatives for the continuation of the journey. 2. If there is a difference between the intended and the actual services provided, he will compensate the traveler for this difference. 3. If such an arrangement proves impossible or if the traveler does not accept these alternatives for sound reasons, Casa-particular.nl must provide him with an equivalent means of transport that will bring him back to the place of departure and, where appropriate, compensate the traveler. .

Article 12: Cancellation by the traveler. The traveler can cancel the contract in whole or in part at any time. If the traveler cancels the contract due to a circumstance attributable to him, he will compensate the damage that Casa-particular.nl suffers as a result of the cancellation. The compensation can be determined on a flat-rate basis and may not exceed the price of the trip.

Article 13: Liability of casa-particular.nl 1. casa-particular.nl is liable for the proper execution of the contract, in accordance with the expectations that the traveler may reasonably have on the basis of the provisions of the contract to Casa-particular.nl , and for the obligations arising from the Casa-particular.nl contract, regardless of whether these obligations can be performed by himself or by other providers of services and this without prejudice to the right of Casa-particular.nl to these other providers of services to be adressed. 2. Casa-particular.nl is just as liable for the acts of negligence of its appointed and representatives acting in the performance of their duties as for his acts and negligence. 3. If an international treaty applies to a service included in the travel contract, the liability of casa-particular.nl in accordance with that treaty is excluded or limited as appropriate. 4. Insofar as casa-particular.nl does not itself provide the services provided for in the travel contract, its liability for material damage and compensation for loss of travel enjoyment together is limited to twice the travel sum.

Article 14: Liability of the traveler. The traveler is liable for the damage that Casa-particular.nl, their staff or their representatives incur as a result of his mistake, as well as when he has not fulfilled his contractual obligations. The error is assessed according to the normal behavior of a traveler.

Article 15: Complaints 1. The traveler is obliged to communicate in writing to the service provider involved or to the representative by telephone in writing as soon as possible about complaints that he has found on the spot, or that he has assessed as such, in the implementation of the travel agreement. from Casa-particular.nl on the spot. This will immediately strive for a suitable solution. 2. Complaints as described above must be reported in writing to Casa-particular.nl no later than 3 weeks after the traveler’s return, accompanied by a copy of the declaration to the local representative or service provider. 3. If filing a complaint on the spot is not possible due to the absence of a local representative, the complaint must be communicated to Casa-particular.nl in Hilversum by telephone or by email at the time of discovery. 4. If the complaint could not be solved on the spot and the traveler has not received a satisfactory solution from Casa-particular.nl after returning to the Netherlands, with due observance of the provisions described above, the traveler can stay for 1 year afterwards at the latest. of the trip to the competent court.

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Terms and conditions